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Dark Lord Gaol
Dark Lord Gaol
Series Kid Icarus series
First game Kid Icarus Uprising
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Dark Lord Gaol is a character that appears in Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. She appears to be an rival of Palutena of sorts, and refers to Pit as "Palutena's little messenger boy". She also has a history with the character Magnus. She appears in Chapter 2 and alongside Magnus in Chapter 24


She appears completely covered in very dark and malicious armor. Only her eyes are visible as green lights. Her voice is coarse like a man's. She exudes a green aura from her fists.

After her defeat, it is revealed that Gaol was a female friend of Magnus, who had gotten trapped and controlled by the evil armor. When she appears later on, she has gained control of the armor and now speaks with a female voice.

Official Descriptions

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Idol Description (Dark Lord Gaol)

"A general of the Underworld Army who leads thousands of infernal troops on a violent crusade against the surface world. Gaol's armor emits cursed magical energy that gives the dark lord the ability to float in midair and fire magic missiles."

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Idol Description (Gaol)

"Brave Gaol had once been a spy for the surface world, tasked with assessing the strength of the Underworld Army. Sadly, she was captured and forced to don the cursed armor of a dark lord, making her little more than a slave to evil."

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