Dark Meta Knight
DARK Meta Knight

Artwork of Dark Meta Knight.
Series Kirby series
First game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Created by Flagship,
HAL Laboratory
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Dark Meta Knight is an evil manifestation of Meta Knight. He was the secondary antagonist in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, with Dark Mind being the first .


When defeated, he breaks apart and shatters, like a broken mirror. His appearance is similar to that of Meta Knight, but is different in coloration.His skin is gray, his cape is tattered, and his eyes are more slanted. also, in an official artwork, it is shown that he has a scar over his left eye on his mask. The sword he wields is a copy of Galaxia, the difference being that it is silver, instead of gold and the hooks are square shaped. He has a different mindset than the real Meta Knight, not only never or hardly showing honor, but is nothing but pure, conceited evil.


Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

His first appearance is in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, where he captures Meta Knight in the Mirror World.He is eventually defeated by Kirby and his friends.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe