DDI's company logo.

Data Design Interactive (DDI) is a low budget video game company founded in 1983 in the United Kingdom. Currently, they develop video games for the Wii, though previous consoles include the GameCube and others. In May of 2008, DDI opened new offices in Sarasota, Florida (the first office in America), the headquarters of which are described by them as a "stunning Class-A 10-storey glass elevator building which has an open-air courtyard, a fountain and overlooks the beautiful Sarasota Bay" that, according to them, is two hours away from Walt Disney World.


The NuYu is a new feature by DDI that greatly resembles the Wii's Mii feature. Basically it allows you to create an avatar (with a similar appearance to Mii's) and even save it to your Wii Remote (which, once again, is a feature that is present in the Mii Channel). After you make your NuYu (which is a play on the words New You), you'll be allowed to use it in DDI video games, the first of which is Kidz Sports – Crazy Mini Golf for the Wii. As of now, this feature is exclusive to DDI Wii video games.

Critical response

DDI's video games have been considered by most critics to be terrible, with each of their video games receiving well below average grades. Many of their games are dramatically similar to one another - for example, in one game you'll control a Ninjabread Man who wields a candy cane as a sword, while in another you'll control a character named Anibus II who wields a similar batting weapon. While using the same game engine is common, it's odd seeing that these games were released very close to each other and feature almost identical gameplay without any major improvements.