Deadwood (Drawn to Life)
A screenshot of Deadwood from Drawn to Life
First game Drawn to Life
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Deadwood is the second main boss in Drawn to Life. It is a giant tree that was corrupted by Wilfre.


Wilfre has corrupted Deadwood by placing a Shadow Ghoul in his mouth. The Mayor prompts the Hero to stop Deadwood.


Part 1

Deadwood's battle is easy. The Hero must fly and then shoot the Acorns and avoid the Shadow Bats. After he has done this, Deadwood will open his mouth and suck the Hero in.

Part 2

The battle is much tougher. Samuel will give the Hero some Acorns or Health when fighting the Shadow Ghoul. The Hero must destroy all the Shadow Roots and shoot the Shadow Ghoul in a random space until the battle is finished.

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