Del Cottenwood
Del Cottonwood is a Halfling and the main character of Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. He is the character that player controls in the game.


Del starts out riding through a deserted land in a trade caravan with other people. His caravan is then attacked by a group of thieves. Despite other members of the caravan being killed, Del is spared because of Agaar's sister.

"I saw a vision of you long before you were captured. I spoke to the thieves days before your caravan entered this territory. A Halfling, I told them. But not any Halfling- one with valuable knowledge." -Agaar's Sister

After being captured, is taken into a dungeon cell by the dungeon keeper. While in the cell, Del notices a man sleeping in the room next to his. After talking to the man, revealed to be Agaar, Del finds out he is in Castle Shadowgate, the "legendary center of magic for  all of Kal Torlin". The dungeon keeper then approaches Del and mentions that the tortures take place the next day. Knowing this, Del escapes the dungeon through the floor and to the sewer. Wandering around the sewer, he finds his way to the first tower, the Disciples' Tower. Throughout his journey, Del comes across multiple useful items such as the Ring of the Dead (which allows the player to speak with many spirits), a bottle of Dragon Tears (which increases the power of whatever it comes in contact with), and the Stone of Thirst (which can suck up any large amounts of water).

Throughout the game, Del encounters many interesting characters, like the spirit of Lakmir (who helps guide Del along his journey), as well as travel through the other three towers: Lakmir's Tower, the Trials Tower, and the Dragon Tower.


  • Ironically, Del helps Belzar revive the Warlock Lord since he was the one who found the Dragon Eye and placed it on Belzar's staff.