Design (Game & Wario)

Design is a mode in Game & Wario hosted by Dr. Crygor. The player designs parts of a robot.


Dr. Crygor wakes up and goes to the toilet. While trying to flush it, he is sucked down inside the toilet and slides down the piping. He eventually lands in his laboratory, with a rose in his mouth.


The player uses the gamepad screen to draw designs for a robot. The design consists of 5 different stages. Producing more accurate lines and perfect shape will net more points. After all the stages are finished, points are calculated and a robot based on the drawings is produced. The points are tiered in Bronze (300 points), Silver (400 points) and Gold (450 points) with Bronze passing the game & Gold earning a Cluck-a-Pop token.


  1. Straight Line - based on how straight and how close to the desired length
  2. Circle - based on how round and how close to desired diameter
  3. Equilateral Triangle - based on if the sides are equal and how close the average side length is to the desired side length
  4. Angle - based on how close to the given angle
  5. Squiggly Line - based on how long the line is. Much longer than any earlier part.

Upon completion, a 2-Player mode is unlocked which two players alternate turns drawing the stages. One-stroke difficulty mode is added when Gold is achieved where there are no undos and once the stylus is lifted, the drawing is submitted.