National Pokédex
Drampa - Dhelmise (#781) - Jangmo-o
Ability Steelworker
Series Pokémon series
First appearance Pokémon Sun & Moon
Created by Game Freak

Dhelmise(JP) is a species of Pokémon in the series of the same name. It is a Ghost / Grass Pokémon introduced in the seventh generation in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Physiology and Behavior



In-game Information

Pokédex Entries

Title Entry
Pokémon Sun Swinging its massive anchor, it can KO Wailord in a single blow. What appears to be green seaweed is actually its body.
Pokémon Moon The soul of seaweed adrift in the waves became reborn as this Pokémon. It maintains itself with new infusions of seabed detritus and seaweed.

Game Locations

Title Location(s)
Seventh Pokémon generation
Pokémon Sun
Seafolk Village (Fishing)
Pokémon Moon
Seafolk Village (Fishing)

Stats ===

Base Stats
HP 70
Attack 131
Defense 100
Sp. Attack 86
Sp. Defense 90
Speed 40
Average 517


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