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Dice Block is an item in Mario Party series. It looks like a box with numbers shown. They all vary in shapes,
Peach and Daisy holding a Dice Block from Mario Party 9

Peach and Daisy holding a Dice Block from Mario Party 9.

sizes and colors-no matter what they are. In DS version, it had blue edges and corners, orange hex, white face and cyan number. In Mario Party 8, it had purple corners/edges, silver faces and indigo number. Also, in Mario Party 9, it had yellow edges/corners, white face and orange numbers surrounded in black lines. In most games, they have 1 up to 10 numbers, but in Mario Party 9, they are reduced from 1 to 6. Also, if affected by poison, its numbers start from 1-3 or 1-5. You make characters hit them so they can land on spaces depending which number you hit.


  • All of Mario Party games except Mario Party 8: Touch A Button.
  • Mario Party 8: Swing your Wii Remote upward.
  • DS version: Touch with A Button, your finger or stylus.

Types of dice blocks:

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