This is the official CD soundtrack for Diddy Kong Racing for N64. It has a total of 42 songs.

List of Songs

1. Title Theme

2. Character Select

3. Central Area Introduction

4. Central Area Theme

5. Lobby Theme Tune

6. T.T's Theme

7. Ancient Race

8. Fossil Canyon

9. Jungle Falls

10. Hot Top Volcano

11. No Entry

12. Win the Golden Balloon

13. Boss Challenge I

14. Everfrost Peak

15. Walrus Cove

16. Frosty Village

17. Taj's Theme

18. Taj's Challenge

19. Whale Bay

20. Pirate Lagoon

21. Crescent Island

22. Open Boss Door

23. Meet a Boss

24. Boss Challenge II

25. Lose Against Boss

26. Boulder Canyon

27. Greenwood Village

28. Haunted Woods

29. Win Challenge Amulet

30. Win a Piece of Amulet

31. Win Amulet

32. Star City

33. Darkmoon Caverns

34. Spaceport Alpha

35. The Secret Tune

36. You Can't Beat Me

37. Wizpig Challenge

38. Wizpig Lose I

39. Wizpig Lose II

40. Think You've Won?

41. Wizpig in Space

42. Celebration

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