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Dino Piranha

Dino Piranha as seen in Super Mario Galaxy.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Created by Nintendo EAD Tokyo
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Dino Piranha is a boss fought in Super Mario Galaxy. He has a similar appearance to Petey Piranha, who first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine. Dino Piranha was first in the Good Egg Galaxy in inside an egg on top of a little planet. The egg is cracked when Mario used a Boost Star to get to the next planet and fell on top of the egg. Then the egg starts moving and Mario has to hit the tail in order to break the egg. Then the boss fight starts.

He later appear as Fiery Dino Piranha in the Melty Molten Galaxy. He would get attack by running into the player and will be on fire for a short moment.

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