Dinosaur Land - Super Mario World

Completed map of Dinosaur Land.

Dinosaur Land is a collection of islands in the sea near the Mushroom Kingdom. Its first appearance was in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario World, where Mario, Luigi, and Peach went there to go on vacation. On their arrival, Peach was kidnapped and all the Yoshis of Dinosaur Land were trapped in eggs. It is the main place where Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach in SMW. Bowser and his Koopalings set up their own castles in each land. Iggy has taken Yoshi's Island, Morton took over Donut Plains, Lemmy captured Vanilla Dome, Ludwig seized Cookie Mountain, Twin Bridges and Soda Lake, Roy acquired the Forest of Illusion, Wendy obtained Chocolate Island and Larry and Bowser inhabited Valley of Bowser while the Star Road and the Special Zone are unclaimed.