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Disney Quest is an indoor interactive theme park located in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney district. The five story building showcases a wide array of arcade video games and exclusive features unique to Disney Quest. The area includes few Nintendo video games, though those that are there include Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros., and the recently released Mario Kart Arcade GP (4 units of the latter game).

Every attraction and arcade machine is free after you pay the entry fee of 35 or so dollars.

Exclusive Attractions

As aforementioned, there are plenty of exclusive attractions unique to the “theme park”, all being listed here.

Not yet finished!
  • CyberSpace Mountain - This attraction is arguably the most popular. Here, you’re allowed to make your very own, 10,000 foot long simulated roller coaster. Once you’ve constructed it with the help of Bill Nye the Science Guy, you’ll be able to tackle it in a simulator that twists and turns in all directions.

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