Doc Robot
Doc Robot
Series Mega Man series
First game Mega Man 3
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Doc Robot is a Robot Master that was created by Dr. Wily. He was first seen in Mega Man 3.


In order to fight Wily, Mega Man must defeat Doc eight times. He's found in Spark Man, Needle Man, Gemini Man and Shadow Man's stage.

Air Man

The Doc Robot will have Air Man in him. He'll shoot tornadoes and without the Leaf Shield, Mega Man must use Magnet Missile or Spark Shock.

Metal Man

The Doc Robot will have Metal Man in him. He'll shoot Metal Blades at him and that's a dangerous projectile. The Magnet Missile or Hard Knuckle can help him finish the battle quickly.

Quick Man

The Doc Robot will have Quick Man at him. He's very fast and will shoot Quick Boomerangs. Gemini Laser or Search Snake could be the best weapon.

Heat Man

The Doc Robot will have Heat Man at him. He'll throw Atomic Fire at him. The Shadow Blade or Top Spin could be the best weapon.

Flash Man

The Doc Robot will have Flash Man at him. He'll use the Time Stopper to stop Mega Man. It's best to use the Needle Cannon or Gemini Laser.

Bubble Man

The Doc Robot will have Bubble Man at him. He'll use the Bubble Lead to attack him. It's best to use Spark Shock or Shadow Blade.

Wood Man

The Doc Robot will have Wood Man at him. He'll use the Leaf Shield and a few leaves will attack Mega Man. It's best to use the Needle Cannon or Search Snake.

Crash Man

The Doc Robot will have Crash Man at him. He'll begin to use the Crash Bomber and it can damage Mega Man. The Hard Knuckle or Top Spin can be the best weapon.

Other media

The Doc Robot in Captain N has eyeglasses and facial hair and is grey. He only uses Metal Man's Metal Blade.

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