Jean-Pierre Lautrec
Doctor Jean-Pierre Lautrec
First game Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights
Species Human
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Doctor Jean-Pierre Lautrec is a major character in Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights,as he is the protagonist. He works as a doctor of archaeology at the Musee d'Histoire naturelle, but he is far from loved by his colleagues.



Lautrec's appearance is often compared to Professor Hershel Layton's, as the two sport the same colors and hat-choice in their attires. The doctor wears a black top hat with a bendy rim and an orange-red stripe, and a black jacket lengthening to his knee caps (hence the familiarity with Layton). Upon is face is a mousse-brown mustaches and sticks of hair poking out from under is hat. Lautrec's eyes are black and his nose is long. Under his jacket he wears a white shirt covered by a red, buttoned vest with a tie tucked in, and grey trousers, and upon his feet are plain, black shoes. As an explorer, he sports the typical Indiana Jones-like fashion.


Lautrec is a very eccentric character, who has trouble communicating with others. When he does communicate, he uses a sharp tongue. This is the case even when he is talking to his assistant, Sophie Courbertin. The two get into many scraps together, but remain strong partners. As revealed by Sophie, he doesn't like to be compared to adventurers, and states that logic is "his joy". His current obsession is to solve the mysteries surrounding Treasure Animatus.


“How completely uninspiring!”

“Are there no enigmas worthy of my brilliant mind?!”


  • Despite looking like Layton, their personalities are far from similar. While Layton is the perfect gentleman, Lautrec is rather different, as he gets angered easily, and hasn't many manners.
  • He takes his hat off inside, and he isn't very popular among his colleagues, unlike Layton. This is another of the differences the two have.