Mii Dog

The dog in Wii Sports Resort.

The Dog is a character that has appeared in several Wii series video games starting with Wii Fit. He is a dog that resembles a Mii that has retained a similar appearance in all the games it's appeared in.


Wii series

The dog has appeared in several Wii series video games including Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, and Wii Party. In the two Wii Fit games, the dog would run alongside the player's Mii in the jogging game. In Wii Fit Plus there is an option to weigh the player's dog. The dog is represented on screen by the Wii series dog. In Wii Sports Resort it appeared in the Frisbee mode Frisbee Dog. The dog appeared on the cover of the Japanese, European and Australian covers of Wii Sports Resort and on the cover of Wii Party.

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