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List of quotes made by Don Flamenco.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

  • "People like my hair. don't mess my hair!"
  • "Hey! Mr. Referee Mario. I like your hair!"
  • "I'm a beautiful fighter. I have such a style!"
  • "Carmen my love...I dance so sweet for you!"
  • "Flamenco strikes back!! Return of Don!" (second fight only)

Punch-Out!! (Wii)

In this game, Don Flamenco speaks his native language, Spanish.

  • "Anda, anda..." (C'mon, C'mon..)
  • "Toro!" (Bull)
  • "Fallé." (I missed.)
  • "Venga, venga..." (C'mere, C'mere...)
  • "¿Que pasa? ¿Quieres más?" (What's wrong? You want more?)
  • "Perfecto." (Perfect.)
  • "Vamos, vamos..." (Come on, come on...)
  • "Me has pillao!" (Ya got me!)
  • "¿Has visto hombre? ¿Como enamoro a las chicas?" (Have you seen it, man? How the girls fall in love with me?)
  • "Bien visto" (Well watched)
  • "Espera" (Wait)
  • "Será posible...?" (Will it be possible...?)
  • "Mira, mira" (Look, look)
  • "Mira esto" (Look at this)
  • "¿No te parece que huelo a victoria?" (Don't you think I smell like victory?)
  • "Pero..." (But...)
  • "Carmen, mi amor!" (Carmen, my love!)
  • 'Olé' (Is a word used to cheer and applaud, most used in bullfighting.)
  • 'Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco!' (One, two, three, four, five!)
  • 'Toma!' (Take this!)
  • 'Que hace?' (What does?)
  • Viene!' (Comes!)
  • 'Aquí!' (Here!)
  • 'Pero como?' (But how?)
  • 'Es que nunca has visto una rosa negra?' (Have you never seen a black rose?)
  • Ay mama!
  • Ay, mi Carmen... (Ow, my Carmen...)

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