Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard
Banana Hoard Full (Donkey Kong Country)
Donkey celebrating with his banana hoard back.
Series Donkey Kong
First game Donkey Kong Country
Creator Rare, Ltd.

Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard is Donkey Kong's hoard of Banana's which King K. Rool seems to want. In every Donkey Kong Country game King K. Rool either steals the Banana Hoard or holds a Kong captive for ransom of the hoard. (excluding Donkey Kong Country Returns in which the Tiki Tak Tribe are the banana thieves) Of course the Kongs never let him have it (excluding Cranky, who thinks that Donkey Kong could do without it). Getting the banana hoard back or getting a kiddnapped Kong back without handing over the banana board is the main plot of the Donkey Kong Country games.