These are the credits to Donkey Kong Country.

SNES version Credits

Head Programmer

C Sutherland

Technical Programmer

B Gunn

Additional Programming

M Wilson

Ancillary Software

C Stamper

C Tilston

M Betteridge

O Norton

M McLean


S Mayles

K Bayliss


M Stevenson

Additional Backgrounds

A Smith

Graphics Manipulation

C Peil

Additional Graphics

N Crook


D Wise

E Fischer

R Beanland

Game Testing

H Ward

G Richards

J Stamper Jr

J Hastie

H Sterchi

I Marshall

R Richardson

A Williams

T Harman Jr

Additional Testing

S Hochberg

E Hochberg

S Austin

Manual & Text

D Owsen


S Farmer


T Kristensen

S Stinson

H Tanaka

C Stamper

L Stamper


P Cox

J Rogowski

Special Thanks

Mr Yamauchi

M Arakawa

G Takeda

S Yamashiro

J Hochberg

A Harman

K Lobb

Original Donkey Kong Creator

S Miyamoto

Game Design

G Mayles

Game Director

T Stamper

Game Boy Color Team

B Aldous

R Beanland

A Collard

E Fischer

D Hinkson

G Hood

C Pigas

J Restemeier

G Richards

J Simmons

K Wood

D Wise

Rare Staff

R Bullimore

M Carter

J Cook

L Munton

D Murchie

D Parkinson

G Phelps

G Price

J Silke

G Stevenson

H Ward

D Wong

NOA Staff

H Alexander

S Egan

M Kelbaugh

T Lillygren

G Needham

R Richardson

NOE Staff

T Baar

A Dietz

A Fey

K Neumann

P Thieret

M Tisdale

K Zeh

NOE Germany

M Auer

J Peitzmeier

NOE Spain

R Garcia

A Greppi

M Infante

NOE France

J Bardakoff

J B Fleury

N Gourio

NOE Italy

E Isbidish

A Salvi

C Tiiiun

Special Thanks To

Mr Arakawa

P Cox

S Farmer

E Hochberg

J Hochberg

S Hochberg

K Lobb

L Loveday

S Miyamoto

T Stamper

C Stamper

A Wilson

Mr Yamauchi

The Original Donkey Kong Country Team

The NOE Testing Team

The NOA Testing Team

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