Here is the official CD soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest and there are a total of 35 songs.

List of Songs

1. Opening Fanfare

2. K. Rool Returns

3. Welcome to Crocodile Isle

4. Klomp's Romp

5. Lockjaw's Saga

6. Jib Jig

7. Swanky Swing

8. Snakey Chantey

9. Bayou Boogie

10. School House Harmony

11. Forest Interlude

12. Funky the Main Monkey

13. Flight of the Zinger

14. Cranky's Conga

15. Bonus Intro

16. Hot Head Bop

17. Mining Melancholy

18. Run! Rambi! Run!

19. Token Tango

20. Stickerbrush Symphony

21. Bad Bird Rag

22. Disco Train

23. Boss Bossanova

24. Steel Drum Rhumba

25. Krook's March

26. Klubba's Revielle

27. Haunted Chase

28. In A Snow Bound Land

29. Lost World Anthem

30. Primal Race

31. Crocodile Cacophony

32. Stronghold Showdown

33. The Flying Krock

34. Donkey Kong Rescued

35. Game Over

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