This is the official CD soundtrack for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for Nintendo Gamecube released in 2005. There are a total of 35 songs in the game.

List of Songs

1. Nintendo Logo

2. Title Screen

3. Helpful Hints

4. Main Menu

5. Dawn Savanna

6. Stats Page

7. Jungle Deeps

8. Sky Garden

9. Monkey Fest

10. Boss Hog

11. Massive Canyon

12. Ice Warren

13. Spirit Tree

14. Rumble Falls

15. Pristine Sea

16. Cactus Mine

17. Sweet Paradise

18. Primeval Ruins

19. Grim Volcano

20. Arctic Plunge

21. Ancient Foundry

22. Banshee Swamp

23. Battle for Storm Hill

24. Aerie Fortress

25. Deep Sea Spirit

26. Clock Tower

27. Lava Cavern

28. Cloudy Heights

29. Magma Coliseum

30. Ninjape Rally

31. Cactus/Ghastly King Level

32. Cactus/ Ghastly King

33. Closing Ceremony

34. Platinum Menu

35. Credits

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