This is the official CD soundtrack for Donkey Kong Land 2 for Game Boy in 1996. There are a total of 24 songs in the game.

List of Songs

1. Rareware Fanfare

2. K. Rool Returns

3. Steel Drum Rhumba

4. Welcome to Crocodile Isle

5. Gangplank Galleon II

6. Mainbrace Mayhem

7. Kong Kollege

8. Funky's Flights

9. Krem Kauldron

10. Barrel Bayou

11. Hornet Hole

12. Target Terror

13. Bonus Bonanza

14. Bramble Blast

15. Arctic Abyss

16. Dungeon Danger

17. Run, Rambi Run!

18. Level Clear

19. A False Rescue!

20. Klubba's Kiosk

21. The Lost World

22. Lose Life

23. Crocodile Cacophony

24. Game Over

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