This is the official CD soundtrack for Donkey Kong Land III for the Game Boy released in 1997. There are a total of 26 songs in the game.

List of Songs

1. Intro Tune

2. Crazy Calypso

3. Northern Kremisphere

4. Stilt Village

5. Water World

6. Wrinkly's Refuge

7. Mill Fever

8. Sheepy Shop

9. Enchanted Riverbank

10. Treetop Tumble

11. Hot Pursuit

12. Cascade Capers

13. Rockface Rumble

14. Jungle Jitter

15. Nuts and Bolts

16. Cavern Caprice

17. Rocket Run {Unused}

18. Bonus Time! Intro

19. Bonus Time!

20. Bonus Win

21. Bonus Lose

22. Level Complete

23. Lose Life

24. Big Boss Boogie

25. Credits Theme

26. Game Over

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