This is the official CD soundtrack for Donkey Kong Land for Game Boy in 1995. There are a total of 20 songs in the game.

List of Songs

1. Main Theme Menagerie

2. Spinning Diddy Coin

3. Jungle Jaunt

4. Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!

5. Snowy Pig Wings

6. Cavey Cavey

7. Bonus Barrage

8. Ancient Beaver Bop

9. Aquatic Ambiance Remix

10. Kremlantis

11. Monkey Mountain

12. Chimpanzee Clouds

13. Sky High Caper

14. Big Ape City

15. Great Girder Grapple

16. Blimp Off

17. Oil Drum Slum

18. Level Clear!

19. Lose Life!

20. K. Rool's Acid Punk

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