The Doodlebug as seen in Pikmin 2.
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 2
Species Flint Beetle
Year Created 2004
Created by Nintendo
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Doodlebug is a member of the Flint Beetle Family in Pikmin 2. It emits poisonous gas. White Pikmin are immune to the poison emitted by it.


The Doodlebug is a dull brown but, it has a similar  shape to other Flint Beetles. Flies swarm around it and it has green feet.

Nintendo Player's Guide Description

They look as harmless as Female Sheargrubs, but Doodlebugs can cause a lot of trouble by emitting poisonous gas. If you manage to hit one of the scurrying critters with a Pikmin lob, it'll flip over and leave a pool of nectar. You can capsize a Doodlebug three times before it disappears.


Olimar's notes

"While life-forms that excrete foul musks to warn of danger are not rare, the doodlebug is the only species known to release flatulence when active above ground. Interestingly enough, since it is merely releasing the gas created by decay of the contents of the creature's intestines, it does not have a special musk-producing organ. This means the creature is in fact merely flatulating. Spectral analysis of the rank gas indicates it contains not only methane, but hydrogen sulfide as well, making the flatulence a Grade XIII biohazard."

Louie's notes

"Looking for a flavor that will surprise and delight your guests? This beast's aroma may surprise your guests, but it won't be delightful!"


Doodlebugs will appear when Olimar is walking. It poisons a Pikmin except the Bulbmin and White Pikmin. It produces nectar and ultra-bitter spray and ultra-spicy spray when a Pikmin flips it over.

In order to kill it, Olimar must spray ultra-bitter spray at it and if the Pikmin attack it, it gets destroyed. Doing so does not produce a spray.


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