Doopliss Artwork - The Thousand-Year Door

Artwork of Doopliss from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Series Paper Mario series
First game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
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Doopliss is a character in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and is encountered several times throughout the game.


The first time Mario and co. meet Doopliss is in Chapter 4, "For Pigs the Bell Tolls" where Doopliss has put a nasty curse on the townsfolk to where each time the steeple bell chimes, a villager is turned into a pig resembling a Li'l Oink from the original Paper Mario. Mario and co. make the journey to Creepy Steeple, where they find Doopliss under an unknown identity. When Goombella attempts to tattle, Doopliss' picture is seen, but his name is unknown. Doopliss readily admits his bad behavior in cursing the townsfolk, by saying that they are depressing, boring, and dimwitted all of the time, so that instead of wallowing in gloom, they can wallow in mud as pigs. He claims this to be irony. In the first battle against Doopliss he is simply known as "?????" he attacks normally at the beginning, but will eventually turn himself into a shadow form of Mario. Somewhere in the battle, Doopliss actually steals Mario's body, name, and identity and makes off with the Ruby Crystal Star at the false end of the chapter. He stakes out at the entrance to the town and will appear every time Mario passes by. He gives the player a chance to guess his real name, which is impossible because a lower case "p" is missing from the letters. He'll then fight Mario in a stalemate match where neither one can damage the other. Any strategies thought to be able to defeat Doopliss are false: Vivian, items, special attacks, and even a Zap Tap badge will not effect Doopliss until his name is guessed correctly. Doopliss will appear in Mayor Dour's house and become very chatty, which is odd for Mario. His partners are confused, but do not see through Doopliss' trick. After obtaining Vivian as a partner, Mario is able to eavesdrop on Doopliss' pet parrot. The parrot says Doopliss' name and also guards a treasure chest containing the missing lower case "p" to the correct spelling of the name. When Doopliss' name is guessed, he'll be completely shocked and flee back to the Creepy Steeple where the final fight commences between him and Mario's fooled partners. It is possible, but not necessary to fight the partners. After Doopliss is defeated, Mario will get his body back as well as his partners and his new ally, Vivian, who decides to help Mario instead of her cruel sister, Beldam.

After being defeated, Doopliss joins the Shadow Sirens, Beldam and Marilyn. He, like Vivian, is sadly subjected to Beldam's abuse. Doopliss appears a second time in the game on the Excess Express posing as Zip Toad. Doopliss has everyone fooled and makes random thefts of crucial items from the passengers. He steals Nitro Honey from the businessman, earrings form the Toad Waitress, and Toodles' ring. With these items combined, Doopliss was going to cause a huge explosion. Mario and Pennington find "Zip Toad" to be the thief and at Riverside Station, he reveals himself to be Doopliss and runs away leaving a shocked Pennington behind. Doopliss is also seen later in the chapter stealing the fake Crystal Star with Marilyn and Beldam.

Doopliss makes a third appearance at the Thousand Year Door posing as Professor Frankly. He tricks Mario into opening it so that he and the Shadow Sirens can go into the Palace of Shadows. He appears in the palace gardens with Beldam and Marilyn for a fight against Mario. This time, Doopliss can copy Mario's partners as well as Mario. His attacks will be slightly stronger too. After he is defeated, he is not seen again until Mario meets the Shadow Queen. He, Beldam and Marilyn appear as Beldam takes all of the credit for the Shadow Queen's revival. He, and the Shadow Sirens watch Mario's battle against the Shadow Queen. At the end after the Shadow Queen is stopped, it is said that he acts with Flurrie on stage. He portrays Mario in a reenactment of the adventure.