Double Kick
Double Kick
The target is quickly kicked twice in succession using both feet.
Move Type FightingFighting
Category PhysicalPhysical
Power points 30 (max. 48)
Power 30
Accuracy 100%
Introduced First generation

Double Kick (JP) is a damage-dealing Fighting-type move introduced in the first generation.



By leveling up

PKMN Type Egg Group Level*
Nidoran♀ PoisonPoison Monster / Field 9
Nidorina PoisonPoison Undiscovered 9
Nidoqueen PoisonPoisonGroundGround Undiscovered 1
Nidoran♂ PoisonPoison Monster / Field 9
Nidorino PoisonPoison Monster / Field 9
Nidoking PoisonPoisonGroundGround Monster / Field 1
Hitmonlee FightingFighting Human-Like 1, Evo
Jolteon ElectricElectric Field 17
Combusken FireFireFightingFighting Field 1, Evo
Blaziken FireFireFightingFighting Field 1
Sawk FightingFighting Human-Like 5
Deerling NormalNormalGrassGrass Field 10
Sawsbuck NormalNormalGrassGrass Field 10
Cobalion SteelSteelFightingFighting Undiscovered 1
Terrakion RockRockFightingFighting Undiscovered 1
Virizion GrassGrassFightingFighting Undiscovered 1
Keldeo WaterWaterFightingFighting Undiscovered 1,7
Bunnelby NormalNormal Field 20
Diggersby NormalNormalGroundGround Field 21
Mudbray GroundGround Field 15
Mudsdale GroundGround Field 15
Pheromosa BugBug Undiscovered 1

By breeding

PKMN Type Egg Group
Growlithe FireFire Field
Ponyta FireFire Field
Cubone GroundGround Monster
Cyndaquil FireFire Field
Wooper WaterWaterGroundGround Water 1 / Field
Girafarig NormalNormalPsychicPsychic Field
Stantler NormalNormal Field
Treecko GrassGrass Monster / Dragon
Zangoose NormalNormal Field
Chimchar FireFire Field / Human-like
Shinx ElectricElectric Field
Blitzle ElectricElectric Field