Dr. Mario Express
Dr Mario Express
Developer(s) Arika
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DSi Ware platform icon
Genre(s) Puzzle


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Dr. Mario Express (Chotto Dr. Mario in Japan and A Little Bit of... Dr. Mario in Europe and Australia) is a DSiWare video game released in 2008 in Japan and 2009 in North America and Europe. The game is a variation of Dr. Mario, and was probably created due to the overwhelming response of Dr. Mario Online Rx on WiiWare. The game costs 500 Nintendo Points, or $5.


It looks and acts the same as Dr. Mario from the NES, opens with Start or Help to select, when Start is pressed you get the options: Classic, Vs. CPU, Options, How To Play (same as help), and Records (High Scores). Classic Starts you on Level 10, Med speed, with Music track Fever, you can change any of these then hit OK to start. Pretty much the same as the online 8 bit version from Nintendo's site.

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