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These are the credits of Dragon Quest Wars.

Dragon Quest Wars Staff

General Director

Monster Design

Music Composer

Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.


Game & Design & Main Programming

Network Programming & AI Programming

Main Graphics & Map Graphics

Monster Model & Motion

Graphic Support

Sound Effects

Special Thanks

Development Producer


TOSE Software

Music Programmer

Sound Advisor

Sound Manager

Square Enix, Inc.

Senior Quality Assurance Manager

Assistant QA Manager

Senior QA Coordinator

QA Coordinator

QA Tester

QA Administrator

QA Associate

QA Translator

Localization & QA Director

Online Business & TQA Director

TQA Senior Analyst

TQA Associate Analyst

Senior Director of Community & Service

Senior Manager of Operations

Information Center Manager

Information Center Supervisors

Information Center Representatives

Operation Support Manager

Operation Support Supervisor

Operation Support Agents

Vice President Legal & Business Affairs, General Counsel

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