The Dragon Quest series was Enix’s most successful RPG series before the company merged with former competitor Square. It is best known for its traditional RPG gameplay, not straying too far off into bizarre ideas as the Final Fantasy series tends to do. Since its initial release on the Famicom in 1986, the series has been most loved by Japanese gamers. The PS2 video game Dragon Quest VIII alone is the best selling
DQ3 line NP

Line for Dragon Quest III in Japan.

PS2 video game in Japan, selling over 3 million copies in its first week on sale. Outside of Japan, however, the series doesn’t fare nearly as well. Only two of the series’ multiple titles have been released in Europe, and as one could expect neither did favorably well over there. It is notably more successful in America than in Europe, though Japanese sales will more than likely always dwarf everyone else’s combined.

All 11 video games in the series have been released on a Nintendo platform, including the first six in the series and the ninth, which is also the first in the primary titles to be released on a handheld format, that one being Nintendo DS. The seventh and eighth titles were not released on Nintendo platforms originally but instead remade later on with the Nintendo 3DS. It should be noted that remakes of some the original titles were, however, released on the Game Boy Color, though were not new titles.

List of video games

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Main Series

Monsters series

A spinoff that turned into an actual series, the Dragon Quest Monster series

Other Spinoffs