the base of the mountain.

Dragon Roost Island is a location found in the GameCube video game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is found rather early on in the game, and some fans speculate that it is in fact the tip of Death Mountain, an area found in most other Zelda titles. The Rito tribe can be found here, as can the dragon Valoo. It's basically a gigantic mountain and can be seen from miles away.

It is considered the first dungeon in the video game and is the birthplace of many gods.

Death Mountain

As aforementioned, Dragon Roost Island may actually be Death Mountain. Years ago the gods flooded the land of Hyrule in a last resort attempt to thwart Ganondorf's plan for destruction. It was successful, though the entire area was covered in water and most of the famous landmarks from the previous video games in the sieres were submerged. Being so tall, it can be assumed that Death Mountain's tip could be visible somewhere in the Great Sea, and fans have speculated that Dragon Roost Island is in fact the mountain, with many theroies supporting this.

For one, carvings of a giant, snake like creature are seen on the walls. It is blatant that these are not images of Valoo, but rather something more menacing. In fact, it bares a great resemblance to Volvagia, a boss found in the Death Mountain temple in Ocarina of Time that the Gorons detested. Likewise, structures of creatures are found throughout the dungeon that resemble Gorons, the previous residents of Death Mountain.

If this theory is true, then it can be assumed that most of the Gorons have been wiped out, as only a few have been spotted in the game as merchants. It's even possible that in the timeline that takes place in The Legend of Zelda that the species is in fact extinct, or at least have moved far away from Hyrule.

Other appearances

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, the theme song played on Dragon Roost Island is a song that can be heard on the Pirate Ship stage, an area based on The Wind Waker.