Series Metroid series
First game Super Metroid
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Draygon is a boss creature in the SNES video game Super Metroid. According to the official Nintendo strategy guide, it is a mutant sea creature, and one of the four Space Pirate guardians.

Samus Aran could defeat it by shooting its large belly with missiles. It'd attack by ramming into the bounty hunter, shooting out an odd type of slime that would slow her down, pick her up and use its tail to attack.

Another, easier way to destroy Draygon was to, when it grabbed on to Samus, use the Grapple Beam to latch on to a broken turret, sending the electric current through Samus, and then Draygon. It would cost a lot of energy, but probably much less than trying to beat Draygon the normal way.

It's presumably a mother, seeing that it has multiple young with it, all of which bury their guardian down in the ground once killed. It can be conclusive that every member of the species became extinct once Zebes, the planet they were all on, was destroyed.