Dress for Success is a 4 player and a Duel minigame appearing in Mario Party DS.


Four characters were seen playing a shuffle game on a green table. They looked at the card. It said that they needed to match the card shown on the top one. If both cards look same, it won't look same. Because for example: if there are two cards showing Luigi, one of them had Luigi with one yellow button, which is false. But another one had two yellow buttons, which is true. This two similar cards can sometimes confuse the player and trick them. There are four cards on top and another four cards below, plus telling you there are 8 cards. One of the card moves and join into another one. All cards cover themselves in red in order to avoid cheating and they move, swapping spaces quickly. After that, the watcher needed to be very careful if one of the card matches the top one. If correct, stars will appear in the bar. If not, than he or she get very upset. Only 3 stars can fill the bar. Whoever have 3 stars or more stars win.


  • Choose card: Touch the card with Stylus.

Instruction said in the game

  • Rules: Select the body cards that match the face cards. To win, score 3 points or first, or score the most points at the end of the game.
  • Tips: When shown the 4 different cards, take note which character design is the correct one, then keep the track of it while the cards are shuffled!