Series The Conduit
First game The Conduit
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Drones are a species in The Conduit and Conduit 2. Originally thought to be an alien species, Drones are actually part of the Drudge that were a Human-Progenitor hybrid species, genetically created by The Trust. John Adams was using them in his Drudge army to invade Washington, D.C.

Drones often emerge from conduits throughout the game. They're humanoid creatures that carry weapons, most notably the Drudge weapon called the Strike Rifle.


The Conduit 11

Early Drone design

Early designs of the Drone during The Conduit's production had a different look than the one that actually appeared in the finished game. It was changed before the game's release. The early Drone design was more red and black colored and was less bulky. Many of the game's screenshots that were revealed before its release showed the old design.