Drumstick the Rooster
Drumstick's artwork from Diddy Kong Racing.
Series Donkey Kong series
First game Diddy Kong Racing
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Drumstick the Rooster is an unlockable playable character in Diddy Kong Racing and it's remake. He is a chicken who wears overalls. He is also one of the fastest racers found in Timber's Island, his hometown. He is a heavyweight character with top speed, average handling, and low acceleration. His stats in the remake has changed a bit. Drumstick's handling becomes slightly worse, and has his acceleration set to maximum.

In the game, Drumstick was turned into a frog by Wizpig after losing against him in a race. He can be unlocked by gaining four trophies and thirty-nine Golden Balloons. The player must then go onto the center of the island, find a frog with a rooster comb who is apparently Drumstick, and drive over it to unlock Drumstick. He can also become unlocked when having four controllers in the Nintendo 64, then drive over him as a frog in a rooster comb.

He reappears in the remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS as, once again, a playable character. Here, his backstory on his race with Wizpig remains the same and remains the same except for stat changes and a different way to unlock. He can be unlocked in this game by having him, as a frog, become thrown onto a ledge in the part of the island where Taj is and shall come down and reveal his comb. The player then needs to drive over Drumstick to unlock him.