Dual Chop
Dual Chop
The user attacks its target by hitting it with brutal strikes. The target is hit twice in a row.
Move Type DragonDragon
Category PhysicalPhysical
Power points 15 (max. 24)
Power 40
Accuracy 90%
Introduced Fifth generation

Dual Chop (ダブルチョップ, Double Chop) is a damage-dealing multi-hit Dragon-type move introduced in the fifth generation.



By leveling up

# Pokémon Type Level
Machop FightingFighting 31
Machoke FightingFighting 33
Machamp FightingFighting 33
Sceptile GrassGrass 36
Gabite DragonDragonGroundGround 24
Garchomp DragonDragonGroundGround 24
Axew DragonDragon 13
Fraxure DragonDragon 13
Haxorus DragonDragon 13

By Tutor

# Pokémon Type B2W2 ORAS
Mankey FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Primeape FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Machop FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Machoke FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Machamp FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Electabuzz ElectricElectric 00Check 00Check
Magmar FireFire 00Check 00Check
Mew PsychicPsychic 00Check 00Check
Elekid ElectricElectric 00Check 00Check
Magby FireFire 00Check 00Check
Sceptile GrassGrass 00Check
Combusken FireFireFightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Blaziken FireFireFightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Monferno FireFireFightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Infernape FireFireFightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Gabite DragonDragonGroundGround 00Check 00Check
Garchomp DragonDragonGroundGround 00Check 00Check
Riolu FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Lucario FightingFightingSteelSteel 00Check 00Check
Croagunk PoisonPoisonFightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Toxicroak PoisonPoisonFightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Electivire ElectricElectric 00Check 00Check
Magmortar FireFire 00Check 00Check
Gallade PsychicPsychicFightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Sawk FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Scraggy FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Scrafty FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Axew DragonDragon 00Check 00Check
Fraxure DragonDragon 00Check 00Check
Haxorus DragonDragon 00Check 00Check
Mienfoo FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Mienshao FightingFighting 00Check 00Check
Pawniard DarkDarkSteelSteel 00Check 00Check
Bisharp DarkDarkSteelSteel 00Check 00Check
Meloetta NormalNormalPsychicPsychic 00Check 00Check
Chespin GrassGrass 00Check
Quilladin GrassGrass 00Check
Chesnaught GrassGrassFightingFighting 00Check
Pancham FightingFighting 00Check
Pangoro FightingFightingDarkDark 00Check
Binacle RockRockWaterWater 00Check
Barbaracle RockRockWaterWater 00Check
Hawlucha FightingFightingFlyingFlying 00Check
Hoopa PsychicPsychic 00Check

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