Dumb Drum
Dumb Drum Artwork - Donkey Kong Country

Dumb Drum's artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
Series Donkey Kong
First game Donkey Kong Country
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Dumb Drum is a boss in the fifth boss in Donkey Kong Country whom is located in Kremkroc Industries Inc.. He is sometimes considered one of the easiest bosses in the game, as his attack strategy is to simply spawn easy-to-defeat enemies. He is based off the common drum-like enemies that spawn other foes in the level Winky's Walkway, and other cave levels. It fights in a way similar to them as well.


When Donkey and/or Diddy enter the room, Dumb Drum drops from the roof and must be dodged. He then does something unique that other bosses don't ever do, he spawns regular enemies that can be found in other levels. These foes come in pairs and must all be defeated. Dumb Drum starts by spawning very easy enemies, but moves to more difficult ones after each "round". Every time Donkey and Diddy defeats the enemies that he spawns, he drops down, and rises again.

In the Game Boy Advance version, Donkey or Diddy has to pick up a TNT Barrel and throw it at Dumb Drum.


After Dumb Drum drops which result in being defeated, Dumb Drum drops from the roof to the middle of the room and explodes. This explosion does, not hurt the Kongs. Instead, it results in the boss being defeated.