The Dungeon Keeper is a character in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers who imprisons the main character, Del Cottonwood, and can only be found within the dungeon. His main source of happiness, as mentioned by Wil Goddard, is his violin. For some unknown reason, he sells his violin to the shop keeper. Del eventually buys back the violin with Aristolin's treasure and uses it as a distraction in order to free Agaar from his cell. The dungeon keeper eventually learns his lesson when Agaar uses a spell that transports him into a cell which is then locked by Del.

Dungeon Keeper's Song

*Written by the dungeon keeper. Sung in the game by Wil Goddard.*

"The keeper of the dungeon imprisons my heart.

A fiddle made of wood will keep us apart.

Long into the night he embraces its bow,

A sweet song and yet his love I'll not know.

The keeper of the dungeon imprisons my heart."


  • According to Wil Goddard, he was the one responsible for chipping the dungeon keeper's violin. Though, it isn't explained how.