Titan Dweevil

Dweevils are enemy creatures who Olimar, Louie and The President find in Pikmin 2. They are spider-like creatures in the game.

This species includes the Munge Dweevil, Caustic Dweevil, Anode Dweevil, Fiery Dweevil, Volatile Dweevil, and Titan Dweevil.

There are similar but unrelated to the Achnorab Family whose members include Raging Long Legs, Beady Long Legs and Man-At-Legs.


They are scavenger family of organisms, picking up whatever they find aside from Volatile Dweevils, even corpses of their brethren. They like to camouflage themselves as these items they pickup due to being weak

They are enemies of Pikmin, Bulbmin and Bulborbs since they are all related due to Bulbmin and Pikmin attacked the Dweevils.

It is known that dead Bulborbs have been lying around because of attacking Dweevils.

It is a fact that they are enemies of the Puffstool.