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E-102 Gamma
E-102 Gamma Channel
Series Sonic
First game Sonic Adventure
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E-102 Gamma is one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Robots, and one of his more prouder creations. E-102 debuted in Sonic Adventure, later remade on the Nintendo GameCube as Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It was the first to successfully defeat Sonic, and Eggman eventually turned this unique robot into a series of robots. E-102 Gamma is powered by a flicky inside him. Regardless, E-102 Gamma, the character, the flicky inside him became able to gain control of him, and he turned against Robotnik, and helped Amy Rose. Eventually, E-102 was self-destructed, and was never seen again after he flew away as the flicky that he once was along with a white flicky (E-101 Beta).

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