The credits listed in the North American version of EarthBound are the following:



Produced and directed by

Written by

Music by

Game Designer

Art Director

Sound Director

Program Director

U.S. Conversion Director

Translation Director


Sound Programmer

System Engineering

Graphic Artists

Special Effects Artists

Font Designers

Concept of Mr. Saturn Font by

Graphic Data Manager

Message Data Supervisor

Additional Music Composed by

Sound Staff

Assistant Programmers

Assistant Game Designers

Assistant Scenario Writers

English Text Writers


Chief Debuggers

NoA Debug Coordinators

APE Debugging Team

Nintendo Debugging Coordinators

Nintendo Debugging Team

Map Checkers

Sampling Voices

Opening Rock Guitar

Hardware Support

Production Manager


Sound Producers

Special Thanks To

  • and many others.

The Producers Wish to Thank

  • Ishel Artvision
  • Moonriders Office
  • Sedic Inc.
  • Seta Co., LTD.
  • Lucky Nice, Okubo Design Studio
  • On Associates
  • Sai Koubou
  • Ashura Office
  • Shogakukan
  • Shincho Sha

Chief Coordinator

Line Producer


NoA Producer


Executive Producers

Presented By

  • Nintendo

In Association With

  • Ape Inc.
  • HAL Laboratory, Inc.



  • You

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