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Current Edge magazine logo.

Edge is a magazine that is made in the UK .It covers all current and next-gen consoles, as wells as the games that appear on them. They are known to be more strict when it comes to rating games.


  • Start - Features news, interviews, and more.
  • Something about Japan - Talks about whats going on in Japan.
  • Edge Moves - Advertisements for game industrys.
  • Codeshop - Codes, Hints, and Tricks.
  • Yak's Progress -
  • The Guest Column -
  • Biffovision -
  • Inbox -


Edge tends to have pretty harsh scoring so the number of 10/10's given to game are quite rare. To this date, only 27 games have received a 10/10, with 10 of them retroactively changed.

Here is the list of games on Nintendo Platforms

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