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Eggplant Man SSBM Trophy

Eggplant Man's trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Eggplant Man is a character who first appeared in the game Wrecking Crew for the NES. Since that game is a game starring Mario, Eggplant Man is counted as a Mario character. Eggplant Man wears a metallic mask that covers his body, then he runs around trying to hurt you. After Wrecking Crew, Eggplant Man appeared in the sequel, Wrecking Crew '98, which is a Japan only game for the Nintendo 64.


There's also an Eggplant Man in Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo) on a machine generating monsters!

Trophy description

"Eggplant Man debuted as an enemy in the NES game Wrecking Crew. Even though his movement pattern was very simple, he was a fairly formidable foe, since Mario and Luigi had limited means of attack. You could beat this enemy by dropping a Dead-End Drum on him or by trapping him behind a door and blowing up the room."

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