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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2013 was the 19th annual video game trade show and convention in Los Angeles. It was held between June 11th and 13th. Microsoft , EA, Ubisoft and Sony held their major press conferences one day prior to the opening of the E3 convention.

Nintendo did not hold a major press conference at E3, opting for a live Nintendo Direct presentation streaming on the first day of the convention. While there was no press conference, Nintendo still had a presence on the E3 show floor with a small press gathering and playable demos throughout the week.

Nintendo E3 Direct

Instead of a presentation, Nintendo opted to livestream their announcements in their Nintendo Direct format. The games covered in order were

In addition, Nintendo released Developer Directs of several of their games shown off in the Direct

They also held a roundtable for Pokémon X and Y

E3 Games

Nintendo E3 2013 countdown

The official Nintendo E3 webpage counting down to the Nintendo Direct E3 livestream

A list of games featured at E3.[1]


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