Elite Four

The Sinnoh Elite Four.

The Elite Four is a group of Pokémon trainers from the Pokémon series. They are the strongest Pokémon trainers in their regions, and they are very hard to defeat. The player must defeat each member of the Elite Four without stopping, and if they lose, they will have to try again from the start. Once the player has defeated the Elite Four and the Champion, they are known as the strongest trainer in their region.


Each member of the Elite Four has 5-6 Pokémon of a certain type, so it is recommended your bring a party of six different Pokémon types. It is also recommended to bring as many healing items as you can afford.










  • Caitlin shows one of the few cases of continuity in the Pokemon universe. She was the much younger head of the Battle Castle in Generation IV while in Generation V, she's a member of the Elite Four as an adult
  • Kalos' Elite Four are all named after genus of trees & shrubs.

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