XCX - Elma
Elma's artwork ifrom Xenoblade Chronicles X
Series Xenoblade
First game Xenoblade Chronicles X
Species Unknown
Created by Monolith Soft
Voiced by (English) Caitlin Glass
Voiced by (Japanese) Houko Kuwashima
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Elma is the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is a BLADE captain from an unknown planet. and the team leader of the Reclaimers division. She has been tasked with retrieving the cryogenic stasis pods that were ejected from the United States Ark Ship, the White Whale. She is the first party member to join Cross after waking him or her from his or her cryogenic stasis pod.


Prior to Earth's destruction, she served as the captain of the Unified Government Forces Special Vehicle Guidance Squad, or the Skelleton Crew. She was a subordinate to the unnamed hero who repelled the attack on the White Whale as it crashed on Mira.

Character bio

A former colonel in the Coalition Special Operations Heavy Armor Training Unit-- more casually known as the "Skelleton Crew." Few operatives can match Elma in combat, either in or out of a Skell.


Name Affinity Level Location When Requirement
The Techie
West Gate Afternoon None
Petting Zoo
Water Plant Night Abyssinian Cat
Driving Force
East Melville St. Morning None
Friendship Treatise
Starboard Evening Chapter 5
Going Home
Barracks Interior Night None

Affinity links


She is the class Full Metal Jaguar and wields Dual Guns and Dual Blades. She is swift, moving in and out and switching between her weapons.




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