Series Metroid series
First game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Elysia is a planet featured in the Wii video game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is the third main world that Samus travels to in the game. Currently, mostly mechanic beings live on the planet, most of which are harmless, such as the Repair Drone. Still, the planet still does have its fair share of powerful enemies that will require all of Samus Aran's abilities.

The main location on Elysia is SkyTown, which as its name suggests is featured far above the ground in the clouds. Scattered throughout this area are zip lines that are used to move from place to place. It should also be noted that Aurora Unit 217 is also here, and will play an important part in the story.


The Chozo found this planet and created SkyTown as a location where they could study the universe. They found that it became quite the challenge to keep up so they created an intelligent robotic species known as Elysians. In time the Chozo would depart from the planet and would allow the Elysians to control SkyTown and observe the skies by themselves. One planet in particular, later called Phaaze, would be a planet they would become most interested in as it appeared to be an entity. At one point in time the Galactic Federation arrived and the two groups collaborated. The Galactic Federation would offer to the Elysians an Aurora Unit. The Elysians, who could visibly observe the Chozo, watched in horror as their creators were killed during a meteor crash that was later found to originate from Phaaze.