Cave entrance

Emergence Cave is a cave in Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control for the Wii. This is the first cave in the game, and you discover Purple Pikmin. You need to take at least eleven (11) Red Pikmin in the cave. It would be wise just to take all the Pikmin you have.


First sublevel

This floor has two/three Snow Bulborbs, and two items. One of the items is a half of an orange, and one of the many bottle caps. If this is your first time in a cave (usually it is) the Hocotate Ship will talk to you constantly.

Second sublevel

This floor has one item, four or five snow bulborbs, and three purple Candypop Buds. The item is half of a globe, and it takes one hundred and one Pikmin to carry it. So throw the Red Pikmin in the candypop bud, and purple Pikmin will pop out. You can toss only five in each candypop bud, so you can get fifteen Purple Pikmin. After you get the globe it opens the second area, called the Awakening Wood.