A screenshot of Emma from Pokémon X and Y
Series Pokémon
First game Pokémon X and Y
Species Human
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Emma is a character in Pokémon X and Y. She is an orphan who lives on the streets of Lumiose City and is encountered during the Looker Detective Agency side-quest after Calem/Serena defeats the Elite Four. She is friends with an Espurr name Mimi. During the side-quest she joins the Looker Detective Agency as Looker's assistant.


Emma is first encountered during the Looker Detective Agency side-quest's second chapter. She and her pokémon, Mimi, are found with a group of kids who have been hanging out in the dark allies of Lumiose City. When she meets the player and Looker she tells them about her past, and Looker offers her a job as his assistant and to let her live in the Looker Detective Agency building. However, she doesn't accept the offer because she doesn't want to leave Mimi alone. Looker extends the offer to Mimi, however Mimi is afraid of him and runs away. The player then finds Mimi in another ally and befriends it. Emma then accepts Looker's offer.

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