Emmy Altava
PL Emmy
Emmy Altava in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.
Series Professor Layton series
First game Professor Layton and the Last Specter
Species Human
Voiced by (English) Lani Minella
Voiced by (Japanese) Saki Aibu
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Emmy Altava is Professor Layton's assistant in the second trilogy of the games.


Emmy has long, wavy brown hair and black eyes. She tends to wear a yellow trench coat with a white button-up blouse. She also has a bow-tie, white trousers and a belt holding her camera.


Emmy is a strong-willed and very beautiful young woman who loves taking pictures. Despite her beauty, she has a fiesty side but is usually kind and protective. She loves to tease Luke however they have a brother/sister relationship.


Last Spector

Layton's assistant is a bright and vivacious girl who loves taking pictures and keeps her trusty camera with her at all times.

Emmy also boasts excellent martial-arts skills and can topple a man several times her size, making her a valuable ally.

London Life

Layton's assistant.

A capable photographer as well as fighter.

Miracle Mask

Layton's assistant, Emmy, is a bright and vivacious girl who boasts excellent martial arts skills to compliment Layton's sharp intellect. With her trusty camera in hand, she's always prepared to rush in headfirst, but despite her tomboyish nature, she harbours an unseen delicate side.