The emperor angelfish (pomacanthus imperator) is a fish that was featured in the Wii video game Endless Ocean.

Official description

"A narrow fish with an oval-shaped body, partly elongated pectoral fins and a length of 40cm. Its body is blue with numerous yellow stripes along the side. A black line covers its eyes on both sides. Can be seen all over Manaurai in the summer.

Its patterns differ from infancy and adulthood. During infancy, it has a white, blue and navy-colored spiral pattern, but on reaching maturity, these spirals become horizontal lines.

In recent years, the pattern on this species has been mathematically proven to be a Turing pattern, the theory of which was proposed by Alan Turing. Turing was a great scholar and authority in the field of computer science who leant his name to the renowned Turing Award."

Other languages

  • French: Poisson-ange empereur
  • German: Imperator-Kaiserfisch
  • Spanish: Pez ángel emperador
  • Italian: Pesce angelo imperatore